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Luxury Yacht Charter Greece & Spain.

 Charter a yacht and explore the Mediterranean. There is no better holidays than a Mediterranean yacht charter. Greece and Spain together with the French Riviera are the best destinations for a superyacht charter in the Mediterranean. Iliana luxury main objective is to enhance your whole traveling & yachting experience and take it to the next level. Have our luxury team create your luxury yachting experience. From relaxing & enjoying unique experiences to the Cyclades Islands to best yacht parties and events in the cosmopolitan Mykonos. Even changing from your luxury yacht with a private yacht rental for an evening in Mykonos. From cruising the Balearic islands to partying and VIP nightlife in Ibiza. No matter the occasion, family or friends, relaxing or partying, leisure or adventure there is always a perfect yacht and a unique itinerary for Greece and Spain to cover even the most demanding need. Iliana Luxury luxury team offers unique lifestyle management & luxury yachting services in the Mediterranean. Charter a yacht or superyacht and discover a rich mix of dazzling cities, day-dreamy islands, hidden bays, secret spots, Mediterranean cuisine and seductive landscapes. Explore the area of Greece or Spain in your own charter yacht. Book your escape with Iliana Luxury luxury team. Charter a Mediterranean yacht and prepare yourself for a unique yachting experience.

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece

Greece is a country with more than 4.000 islands and islets to be explored. Relax and unwind on a luxury yacht charter in Greece!

Luxury Yacht Charter Spain

Spain is known for its culture, unique cuisine, and the passionate people. Explore Spain and the Balearic Islands on a luxury yacht charter.

Mediterranean is the ultimate yachting destination combining everything. Onboard a luxury yacht you will enjoy the finest level of luxury, and have access to the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean. The yachting season in Greece, Spain and the Mediterranean runs from the end of March to the end of October.

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Iliana Luxury Group

Iliana Luxury Group consists of the best companies in luxury travel and wellbeing services. Our luxury group is led by an executive team of industry leaders, dedicated to raising standards in luxury travel and wellbeing services.
ILIANA LUXURY LIFESTYLE members have uncompromising access to an array of exclusive benefits privileges in Greece, Spain and Worldwide covering all aspects of managing lifestyle to the highest standards. Our lifestyle managers travel experts, and your personal concierge will be 24/7 at your disposal.
Tailor-made travel and concierge services, unique lifestyle management & bespoke luxury services. Our main objective is to enhance your whole traveling experience and take it to the next level. Our travel experts will make a unique itinerary according to your wishes, of multiple destinations, with a detailed reference in terms of lodging, transportation services, and activities. Your personal concierge will be 24/7 at your disposal during your holidays in Greece fulfilling your every wish! Let us build your dream experience in Greece and Spain. From chic, boutique hotels and luxury villas to unbelievable tours and excursions. We offer you Tailor-made activities, such as yachting, helicopter rides, water sports, sailing experiences, events planning in the Greek islands.
Awaken your senses, revitalise your body and energise your spirit with us. With over a decade of experience in designing bespoke luxury holidays, you can rest assured that your luxury retreat will be spent in the most desirable, breathtaking location possible. World-class yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates and fitness classes combined with bespoke meals are just the beginning of our wellness retreats. Health & wellbeing programs in Greece and Spain dedicated to creating amazing & inspiring retreats, enjoy optimum health & wellness. Greece is the ultimate fitness destination when you're looking for a combination of fitness, sun, sea, and relaxation. Find the best Greece has to offer by island-hopping, with a new adventure, atmosphere, and accommodation every time. Wake up with your fitness session by the seaside in the morning, and kick off your day with a beautiful hike, or reading that book you've always wanted to.
Are you feeling bogged down, tired and lost – stressed out emotionally and physically? What you need is to take a break from your day to day life and invest some time in yourself. That’s why we’re here for. Spa therapy treatments are a fundamental part of the wellness retreat and play an important part in not just the detoxification and cleansing process, but help to relax and rejuvenate your body. Beauty does start from within. Inflammation is caused by sun and pollution exposure, smoking and excessive alcohol, acid-based peels, retinol and glycolic treatments, high-stress levels, and consuming lots of sugar, fried foods, and processed meats. Our advice is to use anti-inflammatory skincare, sleep well and eat an anti-inflammatory diet rich in fatty fish like salmon, berries, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, olive oil, and nuts, and we’re here to help you make your everyday program during your holiday escape.
Thanks to a long established network of highly experienced stylists and fashion professionals our company has the ability to provide you with a number of uniquely designed personal shopping experiences. From locating those “impossible-to-get” luxury items to making arrangements for the design of a tailor-made outfit, and from giving you a tour of the best luxury boutiques in Greece to organising a shopping weekend. Our collection of luxury products by Iliana Luxury offering a broad range of unparalleled luxury goods at selected stores in Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, Barcelona, Ibiza.

Iliana Luxury Group
Bespoke luxury services and experiences in Greece, Spain & Worldwide.